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School vehicle safety can be improved by teaching children the correct procedures and proper behaviour around school vehicles.

Children should know:

• To wait in a safe place away from the side of the road;

• The danger zones around the bus where the driver cannot see them;

• To enter the bus in single file, holding onto the handrail;

• To find a seat right away and stay seated, facing forward at all times;

• To make sure that the aisle stays clear;

• To listen to the driver and not distract the driver;

• That throwing things, misbehaving, eating, drinking or smoking are not allowed; and

• To keep heads and arms inside the bus.

Students who have left the school vehicle should stay away from the side of the road, and stay a safe distance away from the school vehicle. If a student drops something near the vehicle, the student must leave it and inform an adult. Picking it up may cause the student to become out of the driver’s sight.

If students must cross the street, they should walk at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus, make eye contact with the driver, wait for their signal, and look all ways before crossing.

Parents should meet students on the side of the street where the vehicle stops.

Follow this link to learn more about school vehicle safety: Click here to learn more about school vehicle safety.


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