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Safety Tips

School Bus Safety Program Details
SCSTC Virtual First Rider Program - Summer 2020 SCSTC Virtual First Rider Program - Summer 2020


October School Bus Safety Tip

"Emergency Evacuation - The Safe Way"

In an emergency evacuation situation, remember to:

·         Listen to the driver's instructions for the correct exit.

·         Be calm, quiet and don't panic.

·         Leave your belongings behind.

·         Leave the bus quickly without pushing or shouting.

·         Walk to a safe place and stay together.

School Bus Safety Week in Ontario takes place October 19 to 23, 2020.

September School Bus Safety Tip

"School Buses are back on the road"

Motorists - The SCSTC reminds all drivers to be extra cautious in the vicinity of school buses and around school bus loading and unloading zones.

Students - Review school bus safety tips at the beginning of the school year to ensure your school bus ride is safe and enjoyable. School bus safety tips and activities are available at Elmer's Safety Village: http://elmer.ca/safety-village/school-bus-safety.