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Simcoe County School Busses

SCSTC Charter Transportation

The Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) provides administrative support for schools to facilitate the arrangement of day charter bus service for athletics and/or field trips. The SCSTC will facilitate the scheduling, quoting, booking, contracting and invoicing services for day charter bus services for athletics and/or field trips on school buses, school purpose vans or wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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Read our Charter Transportation Policy

For additional charter information, please contact the SCSTC at (705) 733-8965 or

In general, when home-to-school transportation is cancelled for a school’s weather zone, the school’s charter transportation is also cancelled for that day – except in extenuating circumstances. Learn more about bus and zone cancellations.

You can also reference Policy CT01 Charter Transportation – General 4.4.2 for further details.