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Simcoe County School Busses

Transportation Policies

Transportation Eligibility (TE)

SCSTC Policy Policy Document
Transportation Eligibility
Temporary Transportation Eligibility Exceptions
due to Safety Considerations
Distance to Bus stop
Duration of Bus Trip
Out of Attendance Area
Alternative Transportation – Courtesy Seats
Pick-up and Drop-off Locations
Transportation of Co-op Students
Alternate Transportation – Alternate Address

Transportation General (TG)

SCSTC Policy Policy Document
Transportation Service Parameters
Transportation Appeal Process
Missing Student
Weather Related School Vehicle Cancellations
Student Carry-on Bags and Equipment on
School Vehicles
Transportation Service Disruption
New Bus Stop Requests for Transportation
Temporary School Closure
School Bell Time Change Requests
School Vehicle Arrival and Departure Windows
School Vehicle Transfer TG13
Driver First Aid Emergency Response TG14

Transportation Responsibilities (TR)

SCSTC Policy Policy Document
Responsibilities of the SCSTC
Responsibilities of SCSTC Contracted School
Vehicle Operators and Drivers
Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians
Responsibilities of Parents / Guardians to meet
Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and
Other Identified Students at the Bus Stop
Responsibilities of Home-to-School
Transported Students
Code of Conduct for Home-to-School
Transported Students
Discipline of Home-to-School
Transported Students
Responsibilities of the School Principal

Transportation Specialized (TS)

SCSTC Policy Policy Document
Special Transportation Eligibility
Accessibility Standards
The Use of Child Booster Seats and Car Seats
Transporting Students with Service Animals


SCSTC Policy Policy Document
Website Privacy Policy
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
Charter Policy